Woman Woman – 2 tones

September 2006
60.96cm x 60.96cm

Wonder woman. Butt kicking amazon brunette in hot pants? What’s not to like? When DC announced they were rebooting the Wonder Woman franchise, with an experienced female writer to boot, I was on board. I’ve always liked Wonder Woman as a comic icon, but when you actually get down to reading her comics, she was kinda lame. All this amazon power lassoed down by stereotypes and misogyny. In my books, any woman who kicks butt and takes names can wear whatever she wants, but as soon as she starts putting up with characters telling her to wait for a man to help her out, I’m kinda embarrassed for her. I believe that this rant sums up my feelings precisely.

So, when I got my name down on the list to have the new WW comic series put aside for me, I decided to stay positive and hope for a modern depiction of one of my favourite super heroines. I was unsure about where flag touting hotpants would fit in my hopes for the future, and so stuck with a head and shoulders portrait to be safe. GREAT HERA!

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