Vancouver mash note.

A few people warned me that when I moved to the city that I would be disappointed. I had built it up in my mind to be something wonderful and that when I got there, it would fail to live up to my expectations. I’m afraid I can only say one thing to the naysayers:

Every sunset, every blue sky. It makes me want to go outside and photograph it. I liked living in Victoria, but  not like I love living in Vancouver. I adore that I can walk to 6 different neighbourhoods within an hour and see different buildings, people & parks. As much as people complain here, I just can’t find a reason why I would leave. I mean, I can come up with 15 reasons why I should leave Canada, but they are all political and unless Harper pulls a Sir John A. Macdonald on us, I’m willing to wait out the next 4 years before doing anything drastic.

♫ Come rain. Come shine. I live here and today Vancouver’s fiiiine. ♫

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