Vancouver Draw Down – Next Weekend!

Saturday June 9th, 2012. What are you up to? Wanna come draw down?

Saturday, June 9th, 2012 - Vancouver Draw DownYou might be saying “But I’m not an artist! Why would I draw?“, but I challenge anyone with a Draw Something account to reconsider this stance right away. :p Drawing is for everyone! The really excellent press page at the Vancouver Draw Down website has an answer as to why you SHOULD draw:

Drawing is a way of capturing ideas, encouraging observation, and expressing thoughts. It’s a problem solving tool, a brainstorming mechanism, a way to visualize outcomes and a means of creative exchange.

It’s also a powerful communication device that transcends barriers of language and literacy. The more you draw, the more detail you see in your everyday life—shadow, colour, shape, reflection, texture.

It’s time to spark the right side of your brain and connect with the innovative and imaginative recesses of your mind. This is about process and pleasure, not about technical skill. That’s why everyone—including YOU—can participate!

If that isn’t a compelling enough explanation as for why you should get out to draw, how about if I give you my loose schedule and if you want to join me, follow me on twitter for updates during the day as to where I am? I’ll also be participating in the Online Daily Drawing Project for the rest of this week, which you can check out here: & which I’ll post here:

Here’s my destination wish list & order:

*11:30am-1:30pm: Draw Each Other! at Creekside
Creekside Community Recreation Centre, 1 Athletes Way, Vancouver
Join artist Calla Power to explore the art of portrait making and the art of
togetherness as you draw serious and silly portraits of each other.
*because this one is a little outside of easy waking distance from the other locations & it’s got the shortest time frame – I may have to skip this one…

10am-4pm: Drawing Attention at Emily Carr University
Emily Carr University, 1399 Johnston Street, Granville Island
An all-day drawing assembly facilitated by Emily Carr’s Teen Art Group that focuses
on techniques in pencil, charcoal and chalk.

11am-4pm: Micro/Macro Drawing Lab at The Roundhouse
The Roundhouse, 181 Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver
Step inside Radix Theatre’s Micro/Macro Drawing Lab to magnify worlds within
worlds as you transform the tiny into the enormous.

12pm-4pm: Map Room at the Contemporary Art Gallery
Contemporary Art Gallery, 555 Nelson Street, Vancouver
Explore the many potentials of drawing and mapping as an act and state of being
with artist and educator Landon Mackenzie.

12pm-4pm: The Face of our Community at ArtStarts
ArtStarts Gallery – 808 Richards Street, Vancouver
Get “drawn in” to a collaborative window mural, participate in a still life drawing
activity with a twist, or doodle on the sidewalk chalk art mural.

10am-4pm: Alphabet Soup at Goldcorp Centre for the Arts
Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, Simon Fraser University, World Art Room
149 West Hastings Street, Vancouver
Explore the shape, line and design of typography by creating your own font.

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