Untitled collage

Acrylic, cardboard, salt, water-based printing ink, magazine paper, conté, chalk pastel
February 5th, 2011
63.5cm x 63.5cm

This is the culmination of several attempts at collage depicting Vancouver and I’m extremely pleased with the result. My favourite part is where the salt has speckled the blue-green surface in the upper right hand corner. I can feel the spray off the waves at Sunset Beach and smell the salt scented water when I bike through the rain in Stanley Park.

The collage set was from a collection I call homeless and hopeful. I look for colours, articles & photographs that remind me of Vancouver and squirrel them away until a composition is ready to go. The tree just grew out of the homeless congregation when I was sorting through my collection and everything else fell into place from these beginnings. I love this city, but to see the whole picture you have to look at the murky underbelly. You can’t sweep it under the preverbal for-sale-to-tourists rug.

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