The Uncollectables: Draw By Night #18

I'm a winner!

I’ve been meaning to attend Draw By Night for months now. I’ve even stated my intensions night of on Twitter in hopes of making it stick, but for some reason or another, I’ve always come up with an excuse. Well, no longer. I replied to a contest they were having and told myself that if I won, it was set in stone.

I packed up a slew of cardboard recyclables, and a few sticks of conté in my satchel and headed to the VFS café not quite sure what to expect. I’ll tell you what I wasn’t expecting – 60+ freaking people. kdot the brave kicked in when I stepped in the door and I immediately started introducing myself to people until I was surrounded by friendly, talkative peeps at my station.

The set-up included free mini-bagels, cream cheese, raw veggies, foamy veggie “fries/chips”, mini oranges, markers and pensil crayons and a drawing surface. I kicked myself home that it had taken me so long to check it out. They haven’t announced when the next event is taking place – but you can be sure as heck I’ll BE THERE.

Here’s a link to my tumblr page where I posted all my scribbles.

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