The Dreamers, 2003, Drama

Boiled down sexy: Not knowing what Isabelle or Theo are going to do to Matthew next, Eva Green’s body, casual European nudity mixed in with North American prudishness.


Going into this movie, I knew 2 things. 1. Michael Pitt gets naked in a few of his films so it was likely that I would see some frontal male nudity and 2. Eva Green has some mega sexy smoky on-screen presence. Therefore, I am not surprised why someone would suggest this as a top 10 sexy film, but other than the casual nudity and anticipation during the beginning of the movie, the destructive nature of Isabelle & Theo’s incestuous relationship kind of makes the build up fall a little flat and foul.

I enjoyed this movie. The threesome’s adventure takes place during the 60s and during the fascist riots that were tearing through Paris. The combination of old movies clips spliced in with the current story line blended well and further illustrated the careless and all-consuming fantasy in which Isabelle and Theo indulge and into which they drag Matthew. Matthew’s clumsiness and nievity made me squirm in my chair which, in turn made me more on edge for the scenes where the trio were alone together.

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