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Debridement Project – VMM + CACV CoProject

  I was proud to work on an installation piece for the Family Day workshop at Vancouver Maritime Museum with Ms. Dixon’s Grade 5/6 class, and Mme. Shomura’s Grade 4/5 immersion class. Following a presentation by OceanGybe, Students were encouraged to create sea creature effigies and participated in a group-weaving project to create a net upon … Continue reading Debridement Project – VMM + CACV CoProject

SIT,ICSY, PuSh Festival

I was delighted to be invited to participate in the 2013 PuSh festival as a writer for the Mariano Pensotti project: Sometimes I Think, I Can See You. “Mariano Pensotti’s ingeniously voyeuristic work Sometimes I think, I can see you places writers in public spaces and uses them as literary surveillance cameras. Over the three weekends of … Continue reading SIT,ICSY, PuSh Festival

Coprinus Atramentarius Gigantus

or Attack of the 50ft Inky Cap I participated in the Hot Art Wet City group show: The End is Like Totally Near… and Stuff. Think Aztec distaster + valley girl pop culture.  Mushrooms are everywhere in Vancouver. All year round. One can only assume that if we aren’t going to be swallowed by a huge earthquake induced … Continue reading Coprinus Atramentarius Gigantus

For a good time visit…

It’s that time of year and I’m in the show again! This time at the Hot Art Wet City pop-up gallery at 752 E Broadway, Vancouver. Show runs 8PM-11PM tonight, so bring your brolly, $5 (optional – but come on, don’t you want some awesome buttons??), and get ready to meet and trade buttons until your … Continue reading For a good time visit…