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Art and Music After the Zombie Apocalypse

This week, I invited Cas (@_somnambulant_) to write a guest blog about art & zombies to go with my zombie-portrait of him. If you enjoyed today’s post, consider giving somnambulant some zombie klout, or share the love of brains on twitter. <3 Earlier this week I had a conversation online about where people would head … Continue reading Art and Music After the Zombie Apocalypse

Createmas Hour 5 & 6

Hour 5: Create. Somnambulant: Fight Music. // kdot: Abstract Flugelhorn. Hour 6: Respond Fight Music + Broken marionette (by me) The girl crumples to the floor. The strings to her control bar severed.  Mr. Moustache just laughs, reaches down and uses one of the tails of Noël’s tux. I am no longer here.  No longer in the lobby of L’Hotel … Continue reading Createmas Hour 5 & 6

Createmas Hour 3 & 4

Hour 3: Create. Somnambulant: Gilligan’s. // kdot: girls are made of. Hour 4: Respond Gilligan’s + Hector, the barkeep (by me) “There’s this asteroid or planetoid or whatever I don’t remember the astrological term, but it’s this rock, this island in space y’see. And it’s about a three hour jump or so away from Earth y’see,” the old guy next to … Continue reading Createmas Hour 3 & 4