I'm standing to the right of Councillor David Davis and my metal installation panel depicting a soccer player mid kick and a defender in the net to the right ready to block. I'm holding up the black cloth, along with Councillor Davis, that previously hid the artwork while a group from the local Legion (who made this possible) and members from the audience stand applauding in the background. | Kay Slater, 2016

Soccer Showdown at McLeod: McLeod Athletic Park Stadium Public Art Project

Metal Silhouette Panel
June 2016

Here is the full illustration seen from the front. My nephew is peeking through from behind holding his soccer ball. It runs in the family! | Kay Slater, Illustrator 2016

In 2015, the Township of Langley invited submissions from artists for a Public Art initiative at McLeod Athletic Park.  Ten designs were be chosen from all submissions and I’m proud to announce that one of them was mine!

What is the theme of your design?

That great moment.

I wanted to portray women using the field both for soccer (a popular game played on this pitch), but also ultimate frisbee to show the diversity of sport in (and sports activitist using) the park.

My illustration is full of horizontal lines both to depict motion but also to make use of the contours of the template. The small plaques both look like rearview mirrors and wide frame actions shots in the movie. As I drew I couldn’t keep iconic action scenes (both real life and animated) out of my head and so these illustrations play with these ideas.

Created with the support of a legacy contribution from the Royal Canadian Legion Youth Track and Field Championships held in Langley in 2014, the panels are representational work featuring major sports and activities enjoyed at McLeod Athletic Park Stadium. The panels are based on the inspirational designs of seven artists. These panels were developed under the direction and participation of the Township of Langley together with local artists Ryley Brendenhof, Melissa H. Clark, Brad Johnson, Sylvie Roussel-Janssens, Kay Slater, illustrator (ME!) , Rosemary Wallace, and Kendra Yoshizawa.

My speech from the ceremony: Thank you for letting me participate in this project. I’m very proud not only to have my artwork featured here in this park, but that the artwork selected depicts my sister scoring a goal on this very field. Growing up, she was the sporty one and I was the artist. We were lucky to have a supportive family that valued both equally. We attended Canucks games almost as often as we visited museums, theatres, and galleries. I would go out to my sister’s games and feel overwhelmed with pride at watching her power across the field. Her strength and personality were breathtaking and I hope that comes across here.

My sister and I attended that school [the ceremony was held next to my high school], played on this field [McLeod athletic park], were supported by my friends and family who are standing here today in this township, and I am very proud to show my artwork here.

Thank you to the council for making public art a priority in The Township.

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