Secretary, 2002, Drama/Romance

Boiled down sexy: Lee draped over Mr. Grey’s desk while he “corrects” her spelling mistakes.


Secretary is an incredibly honest film about trying to find love, respect and balance. Lee, having been committed for being caught cutting herself with a kitchen knife, returns home to find that nothing has changed. Her father still drinks, her mother is a pink chiffon shell of a woman and her sister is getting married to a man that is happy living with her parents in their backyard.

The sexiness of Secretary lays both in the woman that Lee is allowed to become through her unconventional relationship with her boss, James Spader, and the trials he puts her through to get her there. The ‘sexy’ scene to which most people refer is a turning point in the movie when Lee is asked to bend over her bosses’ desk while he reprimands her for a mistyped letter. While this movie deals with S&D themes, at it’s heart, it is still a very sexy love story.

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