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I helped out at the Contemporary Art Gallery today with a marathon shift at the front desk. To help pass the time (and to warm up for a drawing project tonight), I decided to challenge myself to capture at least 3 of Matthew Monahan‘s sculptures in 30 second sketches. Once completed, I then tracked +1 minutes and +5 minute intervals drawing the works. Finally, I snagged any spare time between greeting visitors to finish fleshing out the drawings.

They were probably amongst the hardest things I have ever tried to draw in my life. Life drawing frustrates most novices because they rush through the lines or they haven’t learned the tricks to help capture a live subject. It does take practice. However, I like a quick and dirty life drawing session. Not only do my models usually pose nude (AWESOME!), but the human figure can be captured overall by a few quick strokes. Torso, check. Legs, check. Head, check. But with abstract (even with Matthew’s figurative works), you really need to look at what’s in front of you. I would occasionally sketch in limbs that simply weren’t there and would confuse myself when looking for landmarks to match proportions.

I’m pretty happy with my sketches of Datong & Indigence, but Squint Spirits suffered from my drawing from across the room and from my end of day impatience.

2 thoughts on “Quick sketch Monahan”

  1. Super work Kay, I’m impressed – best I’ve seen from you in a while. Missed you today visiting the Coastal Health studio with Karen but understand why you couldn’t come – and look what you did instead – kudos. It was an enriching experience and I’m applying officially to be a volunteer. Met Eric who I think you know as Leaf / Lief? – was blown away by his work.
    It’s Wednesday – you posted and I didn’t – I’m off to flagellate myself …

  2. Glad you got to hang with Karen today. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to make up the trip with her another week.

    This was a super fun exercise. And if I have convinced you to be a volunteer – all the better!!

    As for self-punishment, you’re in luck – we know that Janet has a ready supply of kitchen whips available… :p

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