Northern Voice 2012 – My first blogging conference.

This year, I am attending the Northern Voice Personal Blogging & Social Media Conference. The last conference I attended (and didn’t present at) was BarCamp 2010 after having attended the previous few years. My headspace wasn’t the best as I had quit the ad industry that year and I spent most of the time countering the “marketing online” conversation with my own knowledge rather than actually getting to listen in on the talks. Such is the reality of unconferences.

Jump ahead 2 years & I’m ready to refresh my knowledge and learn from my peers once more. I’m glad to see many of the topics presented at this year’s #NV12 are touching on authenticity. The Fuck Cancer case study talk by Yael Cohen, Using Personal Passion to Build an Online Community is likely going to fill up and leave the audience with tears in their eyes, I’m sure. I’m so inspired by this initiative, I’m getting a little misty thinking about it.

The panel discussions on Saturday are so appealing, but I have a hard time with panel discussions being hearing impaired. As soon as more than one person starts talking, I find myself zoning out looking for subtitles. Perhaps you’re going to be attending & can tell me all about it? Meanwhile, I’ll be checking out the following talks throughout the weekend:


Keynote by Open Media.
Canadian Copyright, Martha Rans
Free Speech & Legality of Linking, Jon Newton


Keynote by Blaine Cook
Inside The Blogger’s Brain, Doug Blackie
Better Blogging Productivity, Mike Vardy
Keynote by Shane Birley
Lean Publishing, Peter Armstrong
A Place of One’s p0wn, Mikhail Gershovich

For a complete schedule, see See you there bloggers.

4 thoughts on “Northern Voice 2012 – My first blogging conference.”

  1. Hi Kay:

    Good to see you again. Thanks for doing that session. All important topics that we just started working through. My partner Rachael is an artist and struggles with “making money” from her art.

    1. It was an interesting discussion, and I appreciated your input. I do like the un-conference format to encourage discussion & I look forward to the next one in town (if I don’t help create/host one myself, as per your suggestion ;p). There continues to be this perception that the web is this money-making machine, and I think it’s important that the content creators, and users, have a real discussion about “value” rather perpetuate the myth that online advertising=sure fire cash. If you, or your partner, is interested is continuing the dialogue, I am open to more discussion!

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