My stranger Saturday night.

I’m pretty hooked on this instagram thing. While I am not fooled into thinking that I have become a competent photographer, the filters at least make looking at the photos (that I was going to continue to take anyways) enjoyable. Currently, the meme being passed around is #febphotoaday. I was quite enjoying the game of coming up with a solution to the daily challenge (as found on Fat Mum Slim blog), but when day 4 required I photograph a stranger…I lost some of my enthusiasm. A bit because I had intended to squander the day playing video games while Cas was on the island at GottaCon, but more because I don’t actually like taking photos of strangers. I’ll snap the occasional shot of someone doing something they shouldn’t be doing, but the fact that they are doing something wrong has always negated any odd feelings I have of taking their picture without their permission. I’m more of a inanimate object, friendly snap-shot kind of person, so I was definitely out of my element. When I was venting my frustrations online, Cheryl Cheeks (@infinitedive) gave me an EXCELLENT suggestion. If I didn’t wanna take photos of strangers on the street, I could fabricate some using my tickle trunk. The idea broke the spell my console had cast and I adventured upstairs to meet the following cast of characters:

2 thoughts on “My stranger Saturday night.”

  1. While I like the creativity of these shots, I think you missed the point entirely. Embrace the suggestion for what it is Jump out of your comfort zone. If you choose to do something jump in with both feet. It says photograph a stranger, use that as your motivation to photograph a stranger.

    You could have come up with different ways to get around your discomfort: take pictures from the roof, sit on the bench outside and take a picture of every person that walks by…

    Please note I’m not trying to belittle your attempt/work/idea here, but trying to inspire you to break out, and use the suggestion to the fullest, don’t try and trick yourself into your comfortable little box, you’re inner artist will thank me later.

  2. I totally agree with you. Not to make further excuses, but when I travelled outside to try and get over my issue with photographing strangers, I was met with night fog. Not being a particularly gifted photographer, the strangers I did attempt to photograph melted into an inky puddle.

    I did capture this shot for as my first published #stranger attempt: however, again, not too risky as it’s an illuminated storefront.

    Yesterday, right before penning this post, I made another attempt at photographing strangers but with the pretense of capturing the setting sun:

    I agree that the best way to grow as a [_anything_] is to step outside of one’s comfort zone. However, since I’m not too comfortable with the role of “photographer” as of yet, I’m taking baby steps. Thanks for the encouragement!!

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