Mulholland Drive, 2001, Drama/Thriller/Lynch

Boiled down sexy: Two scenes with some sexy make-out sessions. Breasts are exposed and handled in both scenes. The age difference between the Camille/Rita and Dianne/Betty.


Even though I was ready for the strange when we popped this movie in, I still really don’t quite understand what went on. Since I had a hard time holding a plot once the identities shifted/she wakes up/whatever happens, I just stopped caring about following the plot and decided to focus on the sex-scenes and rich colours. The shots were beautiful and the acting believable, but sexy? I’m not sure if a boob-shot is all it takes to be sexy.

The sex scenes in this movie aren’t really that much more “sexy” that the standard love-scene in PG13 films other than the fact that there are two women. However, the fact that Naomi Watts is now a big ticket name actress, makes seeing her here in this earlier role a little bit naughty.

I probably could have watched this sitting with my parents and not cared.

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