Mr & Mrs. Smith, 2005, Action/Romance

Boiled down sexy: Jane & John on the dance floor checking each other for weapons, the fight & make-up sex.


While the tabloids must have been a horror to work around, the chemistry between Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie is undeniable in this film and one can understand why it spilled over to their “real life”.

The film does have it’s fluffy action scenes, it’s transparent set-ups and it’s comic relief, but it’s hard to look away when the two stars grace the screen together. Jane’s desire for tight control and tight outfits mixed with John’s lazy attitude and smile makes for an explosive sex scene following a gun-up in the house.

The movie definitely builds and keeps the tension running throughout, even after they come to terms with their relationship. Perhaps not as serious as some of the titles on my list, I am happy to add this comedy to my list of sexy films. A wink and a smile can be just as good as a smoldering stare.

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