Macaroni day? YES PLEASE

Do I even need to open with “I like Mac & Cheese”?

Sure, I’ve had moments in my life where I might have been more inclined to ask for Lasagna for my birthday or sushi to celebrate a special occasion, but through it all has been my love for Mac & Cheese, the quintessentially Canadian meal since 1992.

Today is the US “holiday” National Mac & Cheese day and being the queen of M&C, I put on my crown and headed to the best M&C shop in town, the Wallflower Modern Diner. Don’t believe me? What about PETA? They listed the Wallflower as one of the top 5 best places in North America to get ethical/vegetarian mac & cheese.

Edit: I got all M&C crazy and even designed them up a t-shirt.

2 thoughts on “Macaroni day? YES PLEASE”

  1. Can’t say M&C was ever in my top ten list of comfort foods but after seeing your pic of such epicurean ecstasy I’m going to havta check out Wallflower’s version myself. Thanks a lot for making me hungry – now I have to stop what I’m doing and cook food…

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