laLA! (the singing mushroom)

Pronto print
August 2011
31.75cm x 40.64cm

My singing mushroom print is one of my favourite pieces to come out of my recent work using an industrial press. Usually I compose pieces like this using pen and ink, but with pronto plates, you can build up the surface in such a uniform way that there really isn’t a comparison. The printing process is more meditative as well because you’re not concentrating on every line. The composition is already done. Your focus is all about the ink, the paper and the print.

laLA, the singing mushroom is part of a series of illustrated BC forest creatures. For more about BC mushrooms, check out the Vancouver Mycological Society. They have walking tours available so that you don’t accidentally eat the wrong kind of mushroom and begin to see the surrounding fauna start to sing (or worse). Visit their upcoming page to find out their next event.

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