Liquid gel ink & bristol paper
Feb 8th, 2012
27.5cm x 35.5cm

My grandfather was an excellent pen & ink artist. I have several of his pieces hanging in my studio & home. To better understand the medium, I took a Pen & Ink Illustration class that encouraged us to work with different inks & techniques. For this portrait of Judy Garland as Dorothy, I challenged myself to study the contours of a face while avoiding traditional shading & outlines.

2 thoughts on “Kansas”

  1. That grandfather was of course my dad, and I was always in awe of his pen and ink talents. With this one piece, you have taken my appreciation of the medium to a new level. When I first saw this, it drew a “holy shit” out of me, and it took my breathe away. A stunning piece of work Kathryn.

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