Digital illustration
July 19th, 2013


This illustration is for a poster. The text would run along the musical note banner in the front, but I thought I would leave it blank here so you can see the detail on her skirt. I’ve been wanting to draw a jazz-themed illustration ever since I got my excellent microphone last year.

And yes, of course her shoes are Fluevogs.

One thought on “Jazzed”

  1. I walk into the dinner club, high atop the city. I’m waiting to be seated, but can’t get anyone’s attention, as all eyes are focused on the singer. There’s something about her. It’s not just the voice. It’s the expression on her voice. She is in the song, and the song is in her……….. “No, no, they can’t take that away from me. No, they can’t take that away, from, me”.

    Love you.


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