Growing as fast as I can.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the work I’ve been doing for my upcoming show. I’m going to be doing at least 4 fungi portraits for the Growing show, and so I’m trying out a bunch of different mushrooms as my subjects. Gollumullog suggested the Octopus Stinkhorn fungi. Some of the random fungi I’ve found poking around the internet have been…horrific < My stomach flipped after looking at that picture and then reading the title…  Any more truffle tips before I stumble on a fungi that keeps me up at night?

I’m not a huge fan of my Mr. Muscaria (the toadstood), even though I like that he has a mustache. I’m going to try a few more poses before I am ready to include him back into the final mix. Ignore the titles on the engraving panels in my sketches. They rarely match what ended up in the frames. I should have just scribbled them out…guh, sorry.

Buttons for my tweepsI’m going to be printing some buttons in the next few days (for my show tweet-up). Anyone who tweets about or while they are at my show during December gets a button. I’ll be popping by Blim tomorrow or Thursday midday to press these badboys. Speaking of Blim, while I’m not a vendor this year, I want to remind you that the Blim Community Market is happening on November 20th. Support local artists & creators. It’s also free…unlike all the other dozen craft shows happening right now. Before you get tired of the market scene & catch the christmas crazies, mark the 20th in your calendar!

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  1. I wish I had titled this post “Growing just as fast as we can” as I’ve been singing the Tiffany equivalent since after I pressed publish.

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