Musical Shrooms

Lino block print & water based ink
November 29th, 2011
20.32cm x 15.24cm

La La the mushroom sings and these guys can’t help but dance. I was really proud of how the lines turned out in this one. Portabello mushrooms are a favourite of mine to draw now.

A little trivia for you. Did you know that the button mushroom, crimini mushroom and the portabello mushroom are actually the same mushroom? Yup, they are all the same mushroom known as the common mushroom (Agaricus Bisporus), but at different stages of growth. The portabello mushroom is the mature version of the button mushroom!

This piece was featured in my December 2011 show: Growing Art. Click here to see all the pieces from the show.

*photo placeholder. Growing Art photo session & retakes planned for later January 2012.

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