dJambe Jam

Lino block print & water based ink
January 9th, 2012
20.32cm x 15.24cm

It only seemed right that after spending two months focused on the subject of mushrooms that I would end it with a piece featuring a psychedelic spore.

The psilocybe cubenis is a pretty little wild mushroom with an orange cap. The musical voyage that my little friend is taking in this print is being played on a Djembe. When I was doing research on the drum, I learned that the notation for the Djembe is different from anything I had seen before in my limited study with percussion. The lines and the opaque circles are the notation of his little song. Thank you Google.

This piece was featured in my December 2011 show: Growing Art. Click here to see all the pieces from the show.

*photo placeholder. Growing Art photo session & retakes planned for later January 2012.

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