Great Scott, that was a super weekend.

Title note: Yup – I went and saw Scott Pilgrim again.

Man, this weekend was awesome! I had to launch a website on Monday, so I still had to get up mega early and whip off some last minute changes (not submitted by deadline of course), but that’s really my only complaint. And even that wasn’t that big a deal because if I hadn’t gotten up, I would have slept until 11 and not gotten the 5 extra hours out of my super-duper weekend.

Saturday, Eric finished up the construction on our stairs and we’ll finally be able to take down the permit letter affixed to our door. The final construction has left us with WAY more light going in upstairs and since we lost 40sq feet, it’s nice to find something enjoyable about our reduced mezzanine space. The inspector should be coming in this week and the latest sawdust-filled chapter of our lives will be over.

[This is completely not my fault] CARSON brought over a data key with some shows for us to watch a month back. Cas and I mindlessly pulled all the information from the key over to our PlayStation so that we would have it when Carson took the fob away with him. SOMEHOW Glee made it onto our system. I had been fighting the gleetarded popularity and put off trying out the pilot for weeks. Cas and I tried last week to make it through the pilot, but the drama and the painfully sharp memories of my band/choir-geek days halted our progress mid-episode. When I was launching my website last week, I wanted something in the background as I tend to concentrate better with noise. BAD IDEA. 24 hours later, I had finished season one. While the construction whirled around me, both ERIC & CAS polished off season one themselves and I was FORCED to watch it a second time. Now I have a twitch each time the word Journey *twitch* or “believing” *twitch twitch* is mentioned.

Whilst Glee was taking up my TV time, I pulled out my silkscreen supplies and tried my hand at making prints of my She-Ra and Wonder Woman drawings. I think they turned out really well and I’m glad of the result. It makes for quicker copies and I can easily make prints for people without needing to go full canvas.

Saturday night, we headed over to Heather & Steve’s new place. They have painted their main room bright blue which was a total joy to sit in all evening. Also, both of them are signed up to go to Emily Carr CS with me this fall. In fact, Steve is taking the same drawing class as I am. We’re all agreed that we’re going to post our progress and projects online as we go so we can see our progression through the course. My material list is a little steep, but I’m keeping my chin up by reminding myself that before the cash comes out of my account, a shopping spree of new art materials is in my near future.

We also headed out to Karmavore, the vegan shop in New Westminster. Cas has been needing new shoes forever and none of Fluevog‘s veggie vogs are fitting his big feet this season, so our friend Jon suggested we join him on a jaunt out to New West. The shop is pretty darn cool and their moving closer to Columbia Station this fall, so I should be able to get out there more often. I picked up some buttons, some almond milk, a tofurky loaf (mmmm <3<3) and a water based nail polish and corn/soy based remover made in Canada. I have to admit, that was my favourite part of the trip. I’d pretty much given up on wearing nail polish. While new polishes were coming out without the nasty-ass chemicals, you still had to strip the polish off your nails with chemicals that could burn your eyebrows off. NO MORE. Today, I’m sporting my snazzy silver polish and am soap boxing the brand to any and all who will listen. Pick up some Suncoat at Karmavore today!! They have an online shop.

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  1. My brain is forcing me to receive all my bday presents in iTunes gift money, and then use it to buy every soundtrack to Glee. Evil brain! It’s against my will, I swear! Also, there are playlists on YouTube, just so you know – try searching under gle. WHAT HAVE I DONE?!

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