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Hot One Inch Action - 2012It’s that time of year and I’m in the show again! This time at the Hot Art Wet City pop-up gallery at 752 E Broadway, Vancouver. Show runs 8PM-11PM tonight, so bring your brolly, $5 (optional – but come on, don’t you want some awesome buttons??), and get ready to meet and trade buttons until your collection is juuuuust right.

See you then (I’ll be lingering near my button display).



Despite the rain, the event was packed. Some excellent costumes appeared as the evening progressed and the enthusiasm of the crowd made up for the small, crowded space. By 8:30PM, I couldn’t hear a thing but I still made out like a bandit having Cas act as my haggler.

I really like how my design turned out, but I think it’s a little too detailed for the size. Each year, I learn something new and I love seeing how each artist makes use of the space. There were two or three designs that made excellent buttons and as soon as I can link to them on the Hot One Inch website, I’ll share em. Well done fellow artists! See you again next year.

My 2012 take!

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