Kids gathered around using pencils on dowels to explore and discover the joy of art making | ArtStarts Explores

Exploring a new workshop series.

I’m proud to be leading a series of process-based art workshops for children 12 and under at ArtStarts starting this summer. What started as an idea last year in the minds of the gallery team; Juliana, Krista and my own, became a reality this past weekend at my first ArtStarts Explores workshop. I chose a topic near and dear to my heart for my first event; mark making.

I’m really looking forward to challenging people when they come into the space for the workshops. My goal is have all of my participants try something for the sake of exploration without the need to create “something good”. I don’t want anyone to make something to take home so I am really pushing people to try to practice making mistakes or to explore the possibilities of different materials and techniques. Other than taking photographs, I really want the participants to go away with an experience and a new set of creative tools rather than another fridge-worthy art and/or craft. This is not to say that someone couldn’t come up with something truly epic and worthy of being archived, but I am trying to encourage an environment where the act of trying and potentially failing is a worthwhile experiment and experience. I plan on saying

what would happen if you ripped that now?” quite a bit.

Know someone under the age of 12? Tell them to join me on Saturdays. The events are free (but donations are welcome).
ArtStarts in Schools is located at 808 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 3A7, Canada

ArtStarts Explores is a hands-on drop-in workshop series for creative and adventurous families held from 11am to 12pm every Saturday (except the last Saturday of each month, when we present ArtStarts on Saturdays events). Explore creativity with your family through hands-on investigations and discover a wide variety of materials and artistic mediums. These process-based explorations invite families to experiment together through observing, touching, drawing, moving, assembling and listening to ignite their creative learning. Ages 12 and under. Free! Donations welcome.

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