Createmas; a new tradition

Cas (@_somnambuant_) & I decided that we would play a creative game on December 24th to celebrate the holidays. I wanted to encourage him to write, and so I started by trying to get a 24-hour comic jam going. I almost lost him when I said 24-hours, but after some playful negotiation, he agreed to any challenge that could be limited to 8-hours so that the rest of the day could be spent playing video games & reading.

With my challenger secured, I set about making the rules:

  • Odd hours would be spent creating something original (hours 1, 3, 5 & 7).
  • At the end of the hour, the story or illustration would be shared via twitter.
  • Even hours would be spent responding to the original content. Again, the response would be shared via twitter.
  • The original content hours (odd hours) could follow or expand upon a previous creation, but the even hour HAD to respond to the other’s post created during the previous hour increment.
  • All posts had to include the #createmas tag.

Click through the next 4 posts to see our creations for Createmas 2011, or pop onto twitter and check out the #createmas hashtag for a play by play of how the day went.

Happy Holidays!

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