Createmas Hour 1 & 2

Hour 1: Create.

Hour 2: Respond

falling + abstract inking (by me)

the problem with jacking straight into the records without someone to take care of you is that you very easily lose sense of time warned Edgar not only that you lose sense of your place in time its easy to get stuck in some other perspective reliving a moment over and over or even worse to start falling

falling Tolstoy queried as he tilted his head back so the fading sunlight could land on his face the warmth immediate and comforting

yeah a lot of people like to use the metaphor of a great super computer or library and they’re not wrong obviously but I prefer to think of it like an actual record like a the great cd-rom disc of time and when someone is accessing the records they are like another needle on the record player they’ve diverted their laser beam to a different part of the disc


so to continue the metaphor when someone gets stuck in a different time or perspective we say they’re stuck

so what’s falling

it’s when your needle skips around on the platter the laser beam redirected over and over and you can’t find your way back to your perspective and you can’t even really stay in one perspective you lose all sense of reality you ever do ketamine

sure when I was younger Tolstoy smirked

well some people liken it to being stuck in a k-hole

ah that’s not good

not if you can’t get out of it no not if there are no drugs to wear off or someone to put your needle back in the groove
so that’s why its called falling because it’s like falling in a k-hole
that and because it’s like falling asleep and never being able to wake up

The pregnant alley + Professor Quibble’s Handbook of Modern Monsters
Entry #13: The Garbage Monster (by somnambulant)

Terroris quisquiliae, or common garbage monster, fills its dens out of discarded or forgotten items. A nocturnal feeder, the garbage monster will spend all day in dark corners or under beds huddled amid the litter it gathered during the night.

Many people attribute to coincidence or blame their children for the lost items that a garbage monster has claimed to make its home. One specimen found in a suburb of Seattle was found to have completely made his home in an apartment complex’s laundry room, using nothing but the spare socks left behind in the dryers. Rumour has it that not a single sock in its pile matched another.

When two garbage monsters mate they produce a litter of 6 to 10 young on the night of a full moon. They then enter a period of transience, gathering garbage items in earnest for each young in a new spot, leaving one monsterling behind each night. When they have thusly installed all of their spawn they part ways to search for their next mate for the next full moon when they will start the process all over again. It is for this reason that it is very important for monster hunters and exterminators to remain ever vigilant of the garbage monster population.

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