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That t-shirt with a rip in it? You can’t give it away to good will. And maybe you could sew it up, but you already HAVE so many t-shirts…

Considering giving it to me.

I’m pursuing projects that encourage me to use non-traditional materials in my work, and so I welcome the donation of large pieces of fabric, wood and cardboard.

T-shirts: Looking to purge the t-shirt drawer? I’d prefer fabric that either has neither or only one side printed. Don’t worry if the edges are frayed or if there is a tear, I’ll be cutting up the material anyways.

Wood: Unfinished scraps of wood are best, and pieces that have a nice surface area & straight edges are easiest to work with. No broken or fake-wood/resin coated pieces please.

Cardboard: Just bought a new refrigerator? New Computer? I’m looking for pieces of cardboard that haven’t been folded or smushed. The larger the surface area, the better! The less tape, the better!

Thank you for taking the time to even click to this page. That you would consider donating anything while on my site is really awesome! If you have any other objects you’d like to donate, please contact me.


Just need help finding places to donate your recyclables? Here’s some link-help!

Encorp // Return-It Electronics: Don’t throw your electronics in the trash! You have other FREE and more responsible options (especially since you actually paid Environmental Handling Fees if you bought your device in Canada after 2009). You can take the following items to your local Return-It Electonrics depot: display devices (tv, monitors), computers, fax machines, printers and other peripherals (mice, usb drives, etc…) For a location near you:

Free Geek: Are your electronics just lightly loved, but ready to go? Consider driving to 1820 Pandora Street, and donate your old, but usable devices to Free Geek. This community teaches computer literacy and tech skills using the donated materials. They also have a program where you can trade your donation skills for a free computer!

Big brothers: They are my go-to donation charity of choice (they help everyone). Here is a list of the local drop locations. If you have gently used clothing, household items or books, consider dropping them off at a local donation box. Be kind though and check before you donate. They are not a trash pick-up service!

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