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Thank you for clicking on this link. Are you looking into charitable giving? Are you hoping to send me something nice for my birthday? Here is a list of a few of the causes I support.

Burrowing Owl Conservation Society

There are quite a few animals in danger of being extinct in Canada, and usually I put my conservation dollars into the David Suzuki Foundation as the only real change that will save animals is an attempt to save the planet. However, when we visited the Burrowing Owl winery, we became inebriated on their excellent wine and encouraged by their desire to help bring back local wildlife that has been threatened by the development in the Okanagan. It is inspiring to a see a business understand that we live with, not in spite of, the environment.

The Burrowing Owl is currently endangered in Canada, and is under special observation in the south.

Covenant House

I support the local Covenant House in Vancouver whenever I can. Specifically designed to help youth (aged 18-24) who have either fled abuse, been kicked out of their homes or have come to the end of their foster home care. When people come to the Covenant House they get support to try and help them out of their situation. Counselling, job searches or a warm bed is available to those who need it. Right now, they are responsible for sheltering, feeding, councelling and providing for more than 1,400 youth a year. Click here to find out more about donating to the Covenant House in Vancouver.

David Suzuki Foundation

If this video doesn’t convince you why you need to listen and learn from David Suzuki and his foundation, I’m not sure if there is anything else I can say that would make it stick.


After almost a decade in the world of advertising, I feel a kinship with those in the marketing, communication and publishing world. Many of the smaller publishers, agencies and consultants in this industry are not part of a union or have little to no assistance when times get tough. I have had sales, and journalist friends that were able to get help for themselves or their family from NABS and so I welcome you, especially if you’re in the communication/media industry to donate when you can.


Why I donate to wikipedia:

1. It’s awesome.
2. Have you ever gone to wikipedia and NOT found what you were looking for?
3. It’s free. Ad free, free access, FREE-free.
4. This:

And you should too.

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