Congratulations Penny <3

This weekend, my sister got married. Congrats Jennifer & Bejamin.

She married her high school sweetheart and now my nephew, the lovely Benjamin and my sister are officially a family. I had the honour of being the MC at this event, which was a total delight. I’ll admit I like the idea of showing up (looking beautiful), and getting on the mic more than scrambling about, getting last minute pieces together, racing to get hair and make-up done early, and then trying not to ruin it before party pictures. Put a mic in my hands and I’m happy. I’ll be MC any day.

My sister's the one in white. I'm the one in red.

The location was really easy to get to by transit and the staff took care of most of the details, so I literally just had to show up. Best. Wedding. Ever. My dress was perfect, thanks to Dame Wallis, and I received as many compliments for my outfit as I did for my musical stylings as MC (well, what did you THINK I meant when I said ‘put a mic in my hands and I’m happy’?) Of course, I have caught the music bug and I’m thinking of trying to get an ensemble together again – even just for jazz jam sessions at my place. Do you know musicians looking to make casual-jazz music? I got the pipes and the place. I just need the trio.

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