Soccer Showdown at McLeod: McLeod Athletic Park Stadium Public Art Project

In 2015, the Township of Langley invited submissions from artists for a Public Art initiative at McLeod Athletic Park.  Ten designs were be chosen from all submissions and I’m proud to announce that one of them was mine! What is the theme of your design? That great moment. I wanted to portray women using the field both … Continue reading Soccer Showdown at McLeod: McLeod Athletic Park Stadium Public Art Project

Debridement Project – VMM + CACV CoProject

  I was proud to work on an installation piece for the Family Day workshop at Vancouver Maritime Museum with Ms. Dixon’s Grade 5/6 class, and Mme. Shomura’s Grade 4/5 immersion class. Following a presentation by OceanGybe, Students were encouraged to create sea creature effigies and participated in a group-weaving project to create a net upon … Continue reading Debridement Project – VMM + CACV CoProject

SIT,ICSY, PuSh Festival

I was delighted to be invited to participate in the 2013 PuSh festival as a writer for the Mariano Pensotti project: Sometimes I Think, I Can See You. “Mariano Pensotti’s ingeniously voyeuristic work Sometimes I think, I can see you places writers in public spaces and uses them as literary surveillance cameras. Over the three weekends of … Continue reading SIT,ICSY, PuSh Festival

Coprinus Atramentarius Gigantus

or Attack of the 50ft Inky Cap I participated in the Hot Art Wet City group show: The End is Like Totally Near… and Stuff. Think Aztec distaster + valley girl pop culture.  Mushrooms are everywhere in Vancouver. All year round. One can only assume that if we aren’t going to be swallowed by a huge earthquake induced … Continue reading Coprinus Atramentarius Gigantus

Scarcity Sue & nothing to do

Scarcity Sue and Nothing to Do is a response to a 3-day discussion workshop on Scarcity lead by artist, Sarah Brown. Over the three days, several themes were repeated such as perception, myth, abstraction, and materiality. In response to the talks, Slater wrote a short tale in the format of an audio “read-along-book”. However, in … Continue reading Scarcity Sue & nothing to do