Brownies, Music and Social Media Updates

Recently, I’ve been a bit difficult to reach as I’ve decided to move away from Facebook except for the occasional post or update to my Illustration page, and as I continue to work as a preparator for several galleries and a workshop facilitator for a few different community groups. I am keeping busy (understatement) but … Continue reading Brownies, Music and Social Media Updates

Gallery Gachet’s Fundraising Auction

There are some amazing, local pieces up for auction: Drop by Gallery Gachet to see some of the amazing artists as part of Gallery Gachet’s Fundraising Auction, or just head to the auction website and bid like the wind. There are some pieces there that are blowing my mind. Why is Gallery Gachet fundraising?  Gallery Gachet … Continue reading Gallery Gachet’s Fundraising Auction

From the Salty Stories archive

Pulled from the Salty Stories website – Interview with Kay Slater, illustrator of Josephine’s Saltine (April 16th, 2014). I’ll get more into the features we programmed later this week in my next post. For now, I want to focus on the biggest similarity our app has with a regular children’s book. The artwork. For that I’m … Continue reading From the Salty Stories archive