CAG 40 Data Project & Why I became an artist.

A few weeks ago, I was asked by the Contemporary Art Gallery if I would take part in spreading the word about their CAG 40 data project. Of course, being a volunteer and local artist, I was delighted to help out. Today marked the start of their twitter campaign where they asked people why they had become artists (via the hashtag #whyArtist). This tied directly into their 40 year anniversary data project. The CAG contacted all of the artists that have shown their work at the gallery (at their 3 locations and over 40 years) and asked them why they had become an artist, where they placed their art (on the great art spectrum), and how the CAG had shaped their practice or careers. From this, they worked with their creative agency to produce a 3D data map (found here).

The CAG 40 Data Project from CAG on Vimeo.

The map is very cool, but the CAG site can be twitchy depending on the day, time, the browser you’re using or the colour of shirt you’re wearing. If you get an error or nothing shows up, stay positive and hit refresh a few times. I find that Safari is just unable to handle the site, but chrome pretty dependable.

This project is rad and I have spent a few hours looking up artists, their connections and their importance to the contemporary art scene. However, throughout, I found myself asking if I could answer these questions if I had been a showing artist. One of the things I have learned from my business of art class & from my fellow art group friends is that no one is going to answer these kind of important questions for you. That the difference between someone who is playing at the arts and someone who is working in the arts is the ability to answer questions about why and what you’re doing. Here’s my shot at answering these questions. It will be interesting to see how/if this changes as I continue my journey through the arts.


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