Black Bean Brownies - ASL/Signed English, speed: x1.25

Brownies, Music and Social Media Updates

Recently, I’ve been a bit difficult to reach as I’ve decided to move away from Facebook except for the occasional post or update to my Illustration page, and as I continue to work as a preparator for several galleries and a workshop facilitator for a few different community groups. I am keeping busy (understatement) but I would like to acknowledge any frustrations you may have had trying to reach me. I am still very active on Instagram and you can always email, text or contact me via my website contact form!

You may have noticed that I have begun removing the sections in my online bios that relate to my being a musician. Over the past 2 years, I have struggled to come to terms with my ever decreasing ability to hear. While I have always identified as “Hearing Impaired” (which I no longer do), I have found new agency by identifying as Hard Of Hearing since dedicating myself to ASL studies at VCC and choosing to go voice-off when possible. Should I pass you on the street and not respond – please don’t take it personally. I can’t hear you! If you want my attention, please simply tap my shoulder or touch my arm to get my attention. This kind of touching is completely acceptable to me and prefered over an angry smack on the back or yelling in my face -_-

I miss music, but I am more put out by my self-directed abuse for not being able to hear. It is not a shame. I am still Kay and I am more able than ever each time I stop myself from apologizing for not being able to hear. I am trying not to work myself to exhaustion to make it easier for other folks who rely solely on audible queues and communication. It frustrates many people, but those who have taken it all in stride have shown themselves to be my allies and people with whom I wish to associate.

Thanks for reading! Here’s an adapted recipe (video at 1.25 speed) for Black Bean Brownies from my favourite cookbook author, Julie Van Rosendaal. Can’t sign – no worries. I’ve added captions for you. 🙂 Still struggling to understand? Pick up a copy of Julie’s book “Spilling the Beans : Cooking And Baking With Beans Every Day”.

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