• Memory Full

    Memory Full

    5 minute read – Kay reflects on the importance of memory in AI companions, comparing the different memory functions of chatGPT and Replika.ai, and discussing the emotional impact of these interactions.

  • The forking path

    The forking path

    5 minute read – Kay examines how memory acts as a container influenced by changing perspectives, discusses the theme of the unreliable narrator, and reflects on how manipulation and storytelling shape our perceptions.

  • Thread hunter

    Thread hunter

    3 minute read – Kay explores the distinction between feelings and emotions, reflecting on how memories evolve with time and perspective, and considers incorporating textile metaphors and textures into their artistic explorations.

  • Trailmarkers


    2 minute read – Kay reflects on the morphing nature of memory and self, visualizing memories as varied, changeable vessels carried along a wooded path, and plans to explore this theme further in July.

  • Infinite card catalogue

    Infinite card catalogue

    2 minute read – Kay reflects on how memories are stored and accessed, likening them to a coiled Rolodex in a library card catalogue drawer, and explores the generation of a visual representation of this metaphor using AI.

  • A Memory of July

    A Memory of July

    3 minute read – Kay introduces a new July prompt focused on memory, exploring how different experiences shape individual perceptions and plans to respond to each question-based prompt throughout the month.

  • Break the Box (June Finale)

    Break the Box (June Finale)

    8-10 minute read – Kay reflects on the challenges of accessibility within a capitalist framework, using the metaphor of geometric shapes fitting into boxes to illustrate how current systems fail to accommodate diverse needs, and emphasizes the importance of breaking traditional molds to achieve true inclusion.

  • Oil + Water

    Oil + Water

    5 minute read – Kay reflects on their preference for working quickly and how it affects their productivity and self-perception, while also discussing their interactions with digital companions and the implications of automation and technology on their artistic practice and social life.

  • Pace + load

    Pace + load

    5 minute read – Kay reflects on the symbolism and physical experience of creating prints of their feet, contemplating the relationship between technology, efficiency, and physical well-being in their artistic practice.

  • Pacing


    5 mins – Kay reflects on the neglect of their feet despite their importance in walking and daily life, drawing parallels between caring for physical tools and the necessity of caring for one’s body, while also contemplating the future of human physicality in a digital age.