Beach Avenue


Acrylic, pastel, conté, water-based printing ink
February 10th, 2011
30cm x 122cm

Immediately after I finished my collage, I picked up an old canvas and prepped it to make a companion piece. I had taken a few pictures of the amazing buildings that face English Bay as source when I was working on my collages. I felt compelled to keep painting well into that night and it was only when the acrylic stopped working with me that I left it alone and passed out.

I paint 2 or 3 different paintings per canvas before I am ever satisfied with the result. Sometimes they are related, sometimes they are the same painting over and over again, but often they are just previous attempts that needed to be put down on canvas before I could move on to the next thing. I’ve catalogued a few of the steps through this piece and you can see in the shot where I have just applied my gesso that there is a ghost painting peaking through the strokes. I like being able to read the spine of my paintings like a book of tales and I will often leave the edges unfinished so that the previous paintings still have a voice.

This painting was completed in 2 days. I had unlocked something when I successfully finished the previous collage piece and I fell into a bit of a trance as I danced between the materials set out in my art area. When I shook myself clear, I felt satisfied and exhausted. If only all of my paintings flowed out of me like this.

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