A creative date for Valentines

Cas & I reprised our createmas game for our Valentines date. This time, the goal was to make ourselves into fantasy characters. We has the same restrictions as last time; 1 hour limit and once we completed our first challenge, we swapped to respond to our initial creations.

I drew (responding to Cas’s writing/creation of): 

Kaytee Pennywrench
Level 10 Human Artificer

From the companion logs of Artemis Quill, adventuring scribe:

I won’t say working with Ms. Pennywrench has been uncomplicated. I mean, have you ever tried sneaking into a dungeon with someone who carries so much… stuff? Seriously, sometimes I believe she likes getting discovered. It gives her an excuse to try out some of her more, shall we say… exotic, toys.

She’s always got one or two hidden up her sleeve or down her considerable cleavage. I once saw her pull some kind of mechano-mace out of one of her apron’s pockets. That was a desperate situation, I had been incapacitated, I’m sorry to say, but I was still capable of witnessing Kaytee dispatch our enemies with the thing. Normally of course, she doesn’t need to get so up close and personal. She has a prediliction for those diminutive exploding boxes she’s always creating. She calls them variable-timed-hyper-expanding-thermo-alchemical solution cubes. I call them hand-bombs. She always carries a brace of them (usually two!) strapped to her via one of the many leather belts she has strapped about the mid-section of her apron. She assures us that she’s quite proficient enough with them that they pose no danger to us, her companions, but the resultant flash and explosion are still quite shocking if you’re not expecting it. Not that she needs to worry about the flash portion; she’s always wearing those goggles, you see. I don’t think I could tell you her natural eye-colour. I’ve honestly never seen her without them on. She has multiple lenses (each a different hue), and she claims they assist her with any number of tasks including: seeing in the dark, seeing the invisible, protecting her eyes, seeing when someone is lying (I’m a little unsure if she’s joking about that one). She’s always fidgeting with them or swapping out lenses, it’s quite incessant really.

Actually I think she enjoys using her skills to alter her physical appearance as well. Though she is not an unattractive female specimen, she has on more than one occasion alchemically altered the colour of her hair on a whim. Once I witnessed her tattooing a schematic to her arm as inspiration struck as we traversed magma fields deep below the surface (as you can imagine, paper simply wouldn’t have been practical). She has since started taking up this practice with all her favourite inventions.

So there you have it. I suppose I’ve mostly described the items about her person. But that really is the best way to sum up Kaytee Pennywrench’s contributions to any ventures in which she has or will participate. While she can be quite unsociable in the guild tavern at times and can be downright distracting for a number of reasons whilst on mission, Ms. Pennywrench’s brilliance shines through the many tools, weapons and gizmos that her very astute and curious mind and mechanically skilled hands create… sometimes seemingly out of thin air.

*The hardest part of these games is only drawing for 1 hour. I’d love to go back and work on the shadowing on his character. I had super fun drawing my fantasy self.

Chris writes (responding to my drawing): 

Sir Crestifor “Trink” Trinkwasser, Protector of the Watery Throne, and newly crowned King of the Undines.

Level 10 Half-merling Cavalier

From the companion logs of Fenn Flunderbutt, adventuring squire:

Mlords, tis wit greyte displeasurement that I hafta report the current where’bouts of Sir Trinkwasser. I tried to get im to come back wit me, honest. But it was like them sea-witches got some hold over ‘im. Not sure I completely blame im, mind. Someone mayde me king, I sure would find it ard to say no.

Anyways, as I was sayin, we went on that ship was sent to parlay with the merlings as we was told, and Trink, I mean Sir Trinkwasser never meant to take things over like that. We was only there to see the king’s man, Bamber, made it safe to the meeting. Only Bamber, well he got swept overboard ‘alfway there, and the captain was going to turn back, only Trink- I mean Sir Trinkwasser, said that peace between our nations was too important to be thwartened by such a trivyal problem as losin Bamber.

So we went to the meetin and at first we thot the Undines weren’t havin none of it cause they started actin all crayzy like squealin and splashin about.

But then they come and say somethin about Sir Trinkwasser being the one their profecy fortold. Trink didn’t know anything about all this but he said we had to go with them to make sure peace was kept. Did I mention the merlings weren’t wearing no clothes? Even the women.

So you wanted me to right down how things went and how Sir Crestifor is, well everything was fine until the meeting. He was a great teacher to me of all the knightly ways. He said I was helping im greatly too. I helped keep is armor shiny and is sword sharp, and I elped im with his long hair (it does take a lot of brushing).

Anyways, I left im in good health down at The Watry Throne, but he’s diffrent now. They made im drink from this spring which trickles in from the ocean above, and they said it brung out his merling half. They said he’s their new king. And his legs started turning into fins you know? An they said e’ll be growin gills like all them merlings already got. An I told you about them naked merling women right? Well King Trinkwasser gets any of ‘em whenever it please ‘im.

So I don’t know if he’s going to be coming back anytime soon.


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