9 1/2 weeks, 1986, Drama

Boiled down sexy: Dangerous/stranger trust, adrenaline-filled sex in an alley under a drainpipe pouring water, blindfold + ice cube play, feeding play, rough/rape scene, striptease, sub/dom play, prostitute peek a boo, peepshow, and masturbation.


While Kim Basinger’s hairstyle may not be timeless, the sexy is. This sexy “thriller” had the right amount of sit-on-the-edge-of-your-chair action (what will he ask her to do next?), that I actually found that I couldn’t sit back and relax while watching. I was literally at the edge of the couch. I am interested to see if I am as engaged and turned on watching it a second time.

The story sets up Basinger as the shy art curator, Elizabeth, who is recently divorced and is prudish enough that her friends and colleagues give her a rough time about it. As she goes about her business in the city, she bumps into a handsome man in a suit and they smile a few times. They finally speak following an encounter at a street market, and from this encounter on, he guides Elizabeth through a series of sexual games to test both her boundaries and his. Their’s is a very impersonal relationship and eventually the strain of it causes makes Elizabeth crack.

Mickey Rourke is very attractive in this movie. The character wasn’t too complex and I genuinely felt pity for him. Kim is her sexy self, but I have to admit that I prefer 30-40 year old Kim better. The “waterspout scene” can be found across the internet at skin sites. She bares one breast and displays an amazing set of stems.

The music is pretty bad. The 80s definitely produced a lot of movies that are forever frozen in time by their soundtracks. I wonder if anyone will ever rerelease 80s movies with subtler soundtracks, or the ability to silence the original music track. I know that Ladyhawk and Blade Runner could use a reworking. It certainly didn’t add to the movie, and it was annoying enough that I mentioned it out loud when I was watching.

This movie will definitely push some people’s buttons more than others as the duo explore sub/dom play, cross dressing, public exhibitions, and even violence. In fact, Basinger’s character is not hundred percent about some of the play, but runs with the adrenaline when something thrills her.

The relationship is an unhealthy one and leaves me wishing that I could find a movie that combined this level of sexiness with consent/love, but it’s probably harder to produce something in Hollywood dealing with a healthy sex-play relationship than one that shows sex to be “the wrong thing it is”. For this reason, I would recommend Secretary before I would recommend 9 1/2 weeks.

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