EmilyCon 2013 – Culture Days

The weather ensured that the local 2013 fall Culture Days was a quintessentially Vancouver experience. Friday brought winter storm warnings to the city, and with EmilyCon 2013 scheduled to run on the morrow, artists were panicking online about getting their work to the convention site in one (dry) piece.  The rain wasn’t anything that I … Continue reading EmilyCon 2013 – Culture Days

Ew/cool. [updated]

Just joined a role-playing campaign of Mutilator (using the Spaceship Zero rules system). My character, randomly rolled, is a 26 year old newly-widowed, asian, mutated human. I have quills around my midsection, 10% of me is covered in pink slime, and I have a HYPNOTRANCE ability to psychically command others. All hail the hynopetunia. [Edit: With … Continue reading Ew/cool. [updated]