A creative date for Valentines

Cas & I reprised our createmas game for our Valentines date. This time, the goal was to make ourselves into fantasy characters. We has the same restrictions as last time; 1 hour limit and once we completed our first challenge, we swapped to respond to our initial creations. I drew (responding to Cas’s writing/creation of):  Kaytee Pennywrench … Continue reading A creative date for Valentines

My stranger Saturday night.

I’m pretty hooked on this instagram thing. While I am not fooled into thinking that I have become a competent photographer, the filters at least make looking at the photos (that I was going to continue to take anyways) enjoyable. Currently, the meme being passed around is #febphotoaday. I was quite enjoying the game of coming up … Continue reading My stranger Saturday night.

Compulsion & the Contemporary Art Gallery

I have the pleasure of volunteering every weekend at the Contemporary Art Gallery. I stumbled upon the gallery quite recently when I was encouraged by an Emily Carr instructor to check out some of the local galleries in Vancouver (in an attempt to expand our horizons beyond the VAG). At the time, they were doing … Continue reading Compulsion & the Contemporary Art Gallery