You know…whatever…

When I started my glitter-spattered career as a ukulele starlet, I was asked by [one] ardoring fan for the audio version of my first oeuvre, so after work today, I decided to play around a bit with garageband.

Truly, my skills when armed with a Mac are many.

Unfortunately, they do not include my having the patience to add a rythm and bass track. However, Cas has threatened to buy us a keyboard – so stay tuned. This link might get updated.

[audio:dreamalittledream.mp3] [audio:tumemanques.mp3]

Note: Bridge goes up octave rather than down. I think it’s nicer – however, some people find my upper notes to be shrill. If there is really a desire for the original cut – let me know. Files are located in the /audio file if you wanted to take them. Edits & mods are welcome and will be posted.

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