Wow. Bored.

What else to do when bored on Friday night but to make one’s self into a super hero. I’m going for a walk. This is ridiculous. How can I be bored – I’m in FLIPPING VANCOUVER????!!!!

A few hours later…

I started my walk at 8:15pm and decided that the Library must be open until 9 on a Friday. I hopped onto the skytrain and got off the sardine can at Stadium. 4 blocks later, I was disappointed to find out that the people who work in the library have a life and it starts at 6 on Friday.

Not really sure where to go, I decided to stay on the well known and lit roads for a little people walking. I made my way down familiar Robson street and giggled at the tittering girls in spike heels trying to keep up with their boyfriends (evidentially not titillated by their toes). I kept going until I reached Denman street. I decided that since Denman joined up with Davie that I could probably just keep walking in a circuit until I made it back to Yaledown. All lit roads, all full of people. Off I went.

Around Denman and the cupcake store (the old store – they’ve moved…), I received Gribs message informing me that Vancouver was lifeless unless you had cash to stay entertained. I looked around the streets. People everywhere, talking, moving (and in some cases singing). I understand that it is possible to be alone in a city of half a million people, but somehow, walking the streets of Vancouver on a Friday night was VASTLY more satisfying than any pre-weekend walks I ever had after dark in Langley.

I hoofed it up the hill on Davie street and forced myself not to stop at the book store or my favourite Ro.ger’s vid.eo. I made eyecontact with a grumpy looking man in front of the ga.y lea.ther ba.r and smiled at a woman who was obviously talking to me about something but I couldn’t understand a word.

I finally had a chance to check out choi.ces market as they are open until 11 (ELEVEN GRIB!). I picked up some hand cream as I have found myself mega dry following my sick spell. I burned my hand quite badly making breakfast cookies the other day, and even though I have been smearing my hands with Aloe and Vitamin E, I still had some right awful dry hands today. I am becoming more and more of a fan of the M.y Fa.ce brand.  I really like their products, they are all 100% biodegradable and their containers are recyclable in the bins in my building. Win/win.

I continued on through Yaletown, made my apologies to the dude who is always sitting in front of Shoppers (and who always wishes me a good night) and headed back towards the library.

I made the trek in about an hour and a half and am feeling quite invigorated.

4 thoughts on “Wow. Bored.”

  1. I’m sure I mentioned this to you before you moved this way (but it probably didn’t register from Langley — grass being greener here and all) but Vancouver is a boring, boring city.

    If you want to spend lots of money, you can find things to do. But, in general, this city has no soul and no life.

  2. Its true.

    While Vancouver is much less boring than Langley. Its no Toronto or Montreal or San Fran…

    That said I wish I was bored in Vancouver, rather than bored in Langley.

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