Work in Progress (also known as: kdot vs css)

k-dot is not so much a css artist as a monkey with a crayon keyboard

For those of you who read my blog and don’t have it read to you through an RSS feed + text speech reader (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE YOU LAZY BUM), you may have noticed that I have changed the template for my site. It’s definitely a work in progress as my css skills squeak and I am still debating upgrading to WP 2.7. It’s very different from 2.6 and I had hoped to work out any incompatibility bugs with my favourite plugins before beginning to code something for work…but I’m scared.

Stay tuned. The following changes are coming soon:

1. Potential switch to WP 2.7. This could mean … avatars.

2. Search bar is broken. Not really sure if it came broken or if I broke it switching from the ugly “go” image that came with the template. Lightning is far cooler, and yet, not as cool as working lighting. TBFixed.

3. Twitter background. In my last template, I had coded the sidebar as I used a very old and very simple template that didn’t allow widgets. I liked the template as I wanted to force myself to get familiar with the WordPress components, but now I find that the simple widget component is (AWESOME WORD ALERT) thwarting my ability to add backgrounds to the sidebar. I hope I can figure this out as I liked the bg I had up before.

Following my site fixes and redesign, I’ll publish my “year in pictures” slideshow that I am simultaneously working on. See k-dot loose 20 pounds, move to Vancouver, take in a party or two and craft her pants off. It’s not to be missed (especially the minus pants part).

7 thoughts on “Work in Progress (also known as: kdot vs css)”

  1. So, I do use an RSS reader, but I don’t use a text-to-speech reader. But I will start!!
    Reading using my eyes is soooo 2008.

    That person (they know who they are) is a brilliant thought leader.

    RE “crafting your pants off” I was curious if that refers to arts-n-crafts or warcraft? I’ve never made macaroni/glitter greeting cards so hard that my pants flew off, but I’ve definitely had it happen while playing WoW. (The BC expansion was pretty extreme.)

    In other news, it looks good so far. I especially dig all of the layers up on the top right.

  2. Oh, and I think that your submit comment button, below, is a little funny. I moused over it and it took a split second to load the first time.

    Are you using an image pre-loader? If not, that would definitely explain what I just saw.

  3. Dear Mr. Brilliant Thought Leader,

    I think that my previous template had js pre-loading my major images. Image issue added to my list of fixes.

    I’m glad that you posted. Now I notice that I need to replace this ugly submit button and change the colours around the comment fields since they are not existent on my screen.

    Also, it appears that avatars are already included in this template. Meta controls added to the side menu to allow for “subscribers”.


    ps: if you start having the computer read to you I will…I will…goodness, I don’t KNOW what I will do. Please don’t. I have a feeling that my empty threats will make my brain explode, which should be threat enough.

  4. Man, I think crafting in a party and taking off your pants is better, but that’s just me I guess. Also, (white person alert!!) did you loosen 20 pounds, or actually LOSE them? OK, Grammer Nazi out, going to go read the NYT, pine about sushi, drink tea, and, uh, think about Portland!

  5. Thanks for catching that. It’s a template spelling error, so I should check through everything to see if it’s spelled incorrectly anywhere else.


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