Welcome Claudia Eve.


If you don’t follow my twitter feed, you may not have been forced to watch my (sometimes) minute-by-minute update on Dee’s status as she went through the ordeal of a forced c-section at noon yesterday. Due to previous complications during her pregnancy, her overly cautious Ob decided to schedule her for the operation 2 weeks prior to her due date as her little one hadn’t yet flipped. The surgery was delayed a few times and once she was wheeled into the operating room, her sister, mom and I were left to drive each other crazy in the interim.

2 hours later, they wheeled in two beautiful ladies followed by a handsome dad to introduce us to the newest member of their family. Oddly, I didn’t cry then, but I’m tearing up now. No one ever said I didn’t have a knack for timing…

Claudia Eve has arrived

Claudia Eve is 7lb 2oz, 50cm, beautiful, active and has a healthy set of lungs. Both mom & baby were doing fine when I headed out…except Claudy was already working those muscles. She really starts going towards the end of the clip…*a boo-boo-boo*


(my first audio upload – please bear with me while I simultaneously fight the plugin + new version of wordpress).

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