Too lazy for fun.

Today, I was planning on heading over to Donna‘s for her Sunday craft days. In getting prepared to spend the afternoon with friends and paint, I became frustrated by how disorganized my art area had become and I started pulling things off the shelf. It took me several hours, but I got it to the point where it was looking good.

Out damn spot!! –> Clean now.

Then, not even thinking about it, I got out all my screen printing supplies, hankies, a picture frame I’ve been meaning to paint, a half finished canvas, a sketch for a print I’ve been meaning to try and started to print…

…not watching the clock at all and thus spending the entire afternoon by myself making crafts, rather than going out. 🙁

I am hoping that I can participate in the next one, but that depends on if my brain and the normal space-time continuum figure out how to communicate.

The hankie setup Tree hankie Post screen drying. IMG_0803

On the plus side, I got quite a few of my handkerchiefs printed for the upcoming Blim market (tell your friends). I’m really happy how they all turned out. I have about another 30 or so to do, but the sewing part is kind of a drag. I’ll get them done in time, I just wish I had bought pre-sewn materials.

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