The new do.

I don’t know why Dave is so difficult to capture in this new format. I had pretty much stopped upgrading all my k-toys since beginning Dave’s toy. For some reason, I just kept thinking something was off.

I’m pretty happy with how he finally turned out, but I would be happy to get some feedback if you could identify why this one was more difficult. Do you think this toy looks like the rest of them?

dave 2.0

I’m not looking for a comparison of the toy to the ACTUAL Dave, just a comparison vs. the rest of the new toy drawings. They aren’t supposed to look 100% like the original anyways.

I upgraded my wordpress tonight. I didn’t realize that a few of my plugins were busted so I’m happy that I took the plunge. I’m always nervous when I do an upgrade (even though I back-up everything twice). Since my PHP skills are shaky to say the least and my css skills involve a lot of trial and error, I am terrified I am going to take my site down due to an errant semi-colon or some such nonsense. Big breath of relief.

Next up, ghostie t-shirt proofs.

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