The Dog who ate cake.

Last Thursday was my Dad’s birthday.

He had been out of town for the past week, so I wanted to surprise him when he got home. So I conspired with my Mom to get this badboy up on his screen for when he turned on the machine.

Princess, my fatso puppy (notice most of my pets are fatsos…hrmm), has a tendency to eat first, cower later. Therefore, I decided to show Princess just as she comes to realize that she just ate the full cake and now she’s gonna get in trouble. If you ate my mother’s chocolate cakes, you’d understand the feeling. Oh god, this is so good, mmmm, yes, tasty – WHAT??? It’s finished?????

Even more funny was my mother emailing me later and having left the chocolate cake she made for dessert out on the counter sans-princess proofing. If she actually HAD eaten the cake and Dad had seen my background directly following, I might have just peed my pants with laughter.

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