The day of no email.

kdot is a year older.cas ate my food!rikeh bought me a birthday present.

I don’t think I have gone an entire (voluntary) day without checking my email in…at least a decade. That excludes days when email was not accessible. It was both wonderful and nerve-wracking.

I exposed my Ont family to my vegetarian shepherd’s pie (as listed earlier) and everyone ate it! Rickeh gave me a DS game (Professor La.yton and the curi.ous and we ate Angel Food cake. If that wasn’t enough – William took us to the movies.

I can definitely say that Iron Man is a really RAD movie now. I was a little unhappy with how they filmed the beginning when I watched it the first time, but I found that it was even better the second time. I get a little frustrated when I watch a movie that I have seen with subtitles as I can identify WHEN I can’t hear things. It was nice to not have to deal with the little rear-view mirror device this time, but Rober.t Down.ey mumbles from time to time so I was more aware of what I was missing.

Definitely a good day. Deep breath and don’t stress that I am probably going to have a full mailbox tomorrow AM.

Here. I decided to transfer a doodle from my sketchbook to illustrator. I really like the orange outline that Blac.k Canary and Gree.n Arrow use on their covers – so I wanted to see how it would look in my drawing. I like how it turned out, but there has to be a quick way to do this… I made a duplicate of the body form and then moved the points to fit it the way I wanted. There must be a way to just trace the outside edge, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

K-dot in SPACE...

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