The best seat in the house.

I was lucky enough to have my friend Donna pop by this weekend and do a sitting for me. As I have previously stated, my ability to draw realistic and proportionate forms is weak so following my call for friend-models, Donna offered to come and pose. While the opportunity to do a little topless modeling had been on the agenda, we never got to that point as I was content to simply draw. I think that I saw some improvement as we went along (especially in a sitting pose – the location of the elbows were a hurdle for me). I was disappointed to have to cut the session short as I had to head to Langley Sunday night to be up bright and early for a presentation on Monday, but was glad at the time limit. Seems I would have drawn all night without ever thinking about how sore my model’s butt could get. It was a learning experience all around and I was glad for it.


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