Thanks Mom!

2 years ago, my mom used my online wishlist for Xmas and bought me a suprimo awesome illumination tracing board. I never tell her about how much I use it because it’s usually used in small (but important) ways that I never bother to bring it up.

Tonight, I used the board to take some drawings I did and completely trace them so that I could try different colour combinations. Thanks mom!

We really are spoiled with having a computer a drawing medium now a-days. The fact that in under 30 seconds we can do what it would take hours to accomplish by hand, blows my mind. Especially when I take the time to spend a lazy Saturday evening drawing and want pink and grey petals.

We didn’t go to Bike the Blossoms today. Truth is, I tried to bike to pilates this past week and I was so stressed out by fear that I barely got anything out of the session. When I got home, I needed a big hug. I haven’t gone out since. I participated in a UBC cyclist safety panel on Friday and was shocked at how really unsafe the bike lane is along Main. I hope something comes out of it. By the time I’m ready to cycle again, maybe some changes will come about.

Rickeh came out today from Langley and hung with us. We spent most of the day walking up and down Main st. This means I got to go out the day after payday through my favourite shopping district. I really dig my new sweatshirt. <3

2 thoughts on “Thanks Mom!”

  1. do you have a chart that helps you remember which fake name is which?

    fuck, it takes me at least a minute or two everytime you mention someone in your blog post just to figure out who you are talking about….

  2. Eric. Eric came over.

    Since my initial experiment, I am much less afraid of falling off the wagon and posting elicit sex stories in the same sentance about my job. I am considering ditching the “code-names” and continuing to keep my name, work and very personal life out of print. You’ll know when it happens, Jason.

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